Saturday, September 05, 2015

Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust, Inc. (NW CT)

Stone Pile
Boulder and…
Interesting stone wall(s)…

(Note the White Quartz Inclusion)
Double Rows? An original opening place or a new one, a breach?
 If an original gateway, would it possibly be similar to something like this:

   One wall, possibly a "head to head" meeting of two serpent-like geoglyphs or petroforms of Indigenous origin I suspect, related to stories of Great and Horned Serpents, was quite familiar to me, and very similar in a way to the previous photo from Bethlehem CT:
Captioned: “A particularly fine stone wall on a Weantinoge preserve above the Shepaug River in Washington. Dave braved a day of thunderstorms to explore the sanctuary today.”
This was especially disturbing and attributed to ATV riders:
This must be a spring or seep or stream or something else, I would guess:
“A stone wall at the Smyrski Farm in New Milford, Connecticut.” 
(c) 2009 Jerry and Marcy Monkman
Captioned: “Sleeping stone wall.”


Other Interesting Links:

“Old abandoned farm stone fence in Centennial State Forest along Aspetuck Valley Trail in Newtown, CT.” – (“Abandoned?” Someone was reading Thorson!)

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