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Blueberry Zigzag Stone Row

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Ghost Dance - Bill Miller

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Crisis on the Schaghticoke Reservation

Indigenous Politics: From Native New England and Beyond:
Join your host, Dr. J. Kehaulani Kauanui for an episode focuses on a crisis on the Schaghticoke reservation in Kent, CT. A non-Indian male intruder who claims to be the spokesman of an un-enrolled Schaghticoke woman who says she is the chief of the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe is bull-dozing land to create road, cutting down trees, and even desecrating sacred sites. The reservation land is held in trust by the state Department of Environmental Protection. However, state officials and even state police have refused to stop the non-Native trespasser. Guests will discuss the course of events, and the barriers they face in trying to get the attention of state officials who claim their hands are tied because of a “leadership conflict.” Hear from: Katherine Saunders, Chair of the Preservation Committee for the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation; esteemed Schaghticoke elder, Trudie Lamb Richmond, Connecticut Native American Heritage Advisory Council, and the Preservation Committee for the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation; Nicholas F. Bellantoni, the state archaeologist with the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and Archaeology Center at the University of Connecticut; and the Chief of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, Richard Velky. Original air-date: 1-27-09.
Crisis on the Schaghticoke Reservation

Thursday, February 12, 2009

“It was part of a row of stones of varying sizes that might have marked the shoreline 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, Holley said. Some -- although not the boulder -- were arranged in a circle. That could indicate human manipulation although it's unclear, said Rob Houston, a geology instructor at the college who has inspected the site. The boulder with the markings is 3.5 to 4 feet high and about 5 feet long. Photos show a surface with numerous fissures. Some may be natural while others appear of human origin, but those forming what could be the petroglyph stood out, Holley said.
When mastodons ruled northern Michigan:

Rare Find in GT Bay from IPR News Radio
(2007-08-13) John Bailey explains why an ancient rock carving in Grand Traverse Bay could bolster his view of the origins of Native Americans living in the Great Lakes:

From another blog: “This would of course be very cool if true. I previously posted here and here and here on possible Pleistocene rock art and how rare it appears to be…”

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STN Press Conference 1/29/09

At 2:30 PM on Jan. 29, 2009, a Press Conference was held on the (cold) North Steps of The Capitol Building in Hartford CT. The videos look shaky because I was shivering, but the words spoken came through loud and clear...

Chief Richard Velky of the Schaghticoke Tribal nation:

Kathyrn Saunders at Press Conference:

Russel Means at STN Press Conference 1/29/09 (Part 1):

Russel Means at STN Press Conference 1/29/09 (Part 2):

Tribal members also posted a petition at, which they intended to present to Gov. Jodi Rell after the rally, as arranged at 3pm.

The petition calls on the governor "to investigate and order an immediate halt to the hate crimes, destruction, desecration of sacred lands and encroachment" that continues despite the tribe's requests for help.

Gov. Rell left the building sometime between 2:30 and 3pm.

The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation needs your support!
Petition for Federal Acknowledgment
Download the petition
calling on the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs to investigate the Bureau of Indian Affairs' reversal of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation's Federal Acknowledgment on October 12, 2005
Download the petition
Fill out the petition online

-- Stolen Land --by Bruce Cockburn

From Tierra del Fuego to Ungava Bay
The history of betrayal continues to today
The spirit of Almighty Voice, the ghost of Anna Mae
Call like thunder from the mountains -- you can hear them say
It's a stolen land...

Apartheid in Arizona, slaughter in Brazil
If bullets don't get good PR there's other ways to kill
Kidnap all the children, put 'em in a foreign system
Bring them up in no-man's land where no one really wants them
It's a stolen land...

Stolen land -- but it's all we've got
Stolen land -- and there's no going back
Stolen land -- and we'll never forget
Stolen land -- and we're not through yet

In my mind I catch a picture -- big black raven in the sky
Looking at the ocean -- sail reflected in black eye --
Sail as white as heroin, white like weathered bones --
Rum and guns and smallpox gonna change the face of home
In this stolen land...

If you're like me you'd like to think we've learned from our mistakes
Enough to know we can't play god with others' lives at stake
So now we've all discovered the world wasn't only made for whites
What step are you gonna take to try and set things right?
In this stolen land...

Bruce Cockburn - Dream Like Mine: