Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2 Narrow Serpent Gateways?

Compare the photo of mine above to Peter's photo below:

     Note the spots that would correspond to an actual rattlesnake head on the large boulder in Peter's photo; nostril, "pit," and maybe an eye. The cobbles behind the boulder are rhomboidal or diamond shaped, stacked to further mimic the marking pattern of that sort of snake. Does that larger cobble by the head have a quartz rhomboid on it??

Monday, November 21, 2016

Snowy Morning Photos

A "Gateway."


Nearby, across the road, a little north, a little east: 

Looking down into the wetland, there's a culvert - for a spring just below this Stone Feature? 

Along another road: 
A single stone turtle (head inclusion in another stone)? Is that a right foreleg?
There are smaller stones on those distant boulders: 
Zooming in, trimming the turtle beak off accidentally: 

Is that a turtle? Is that a right foreleg? 

Another sort of entry way? 
The kind that uses a turtle as a step?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Ocular Scales, Rattlesnake

"The scales look like piled stones," reads one comment. 

An image search brings up this one:
Image stolen from:

And I think "The piled stones look like scales:"
I just happened upon one from Rock Piles in that same search:
But the small post oculars are on the other side, so I have to find a different image for comparison:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ask├║quand Auntau - The Snake Spirit Speaks

You’ve heard the Serpent Speak, you know.
      Angry, the Great Serpent sounds like thunder...
           Content, the Underwater Panther purrs with the sound of trickling water...
The Great Serpent sounds like every kind of rain.
The Great Serpent sounds like Water.

Thinking about Water - and Water Protectors,
I walked up to the Falls from the floodplain fields below,
All alone, but Surrounded by Great Serpents made of stone,
Suddenly in the middle of a huge
    – and loud -

Gathering of Crows...