Saturday, May 30, 2009

Could it be a Mastodon?

Photo at Eye-level:

Yikes: Turns out that's a fake pipe!! See:

Mastodon bones discovery, Farmington

THE ICE AGE IN CONNECTICUT as summarized by J. Gregory McHone

Immediately after the ice left, plants and animals returned, even while it was still very cold. It is amazing to find nearly complete skeletons of large animals still preserved in lake muds from 10,000 years or more in the past. The most recent elephant excavation took place just across the border in New York, and it has a great web site -- the Hyde Park Mastodon excavation.


Friday, May 29, 2009

That Turtle on the Mound Again

Testudinate is what I titled that post with the apology for the blurry photo above.

And I must confess that I can't remember exactly where it was - as well as whether it actually was on a mound and not in a stone row.

But this morning I went through some folders to look for what I saw before and after, to jog my memory, and found a better photo of the mound/stone/rock pile/heap or whatever the Native American name was in the Quirpi dialect.

Judging from the light, it looks like mid-afternoon, and the photos say "May 13, 2009."

The first stone to catch my eye was this big boulder:

What is it? I don't really know. I don't think it's a turtle, but could it be a bear?
Stick some tusks on it and maybe it's an older creature from way, way back...

I don't think this is the backside of the turtle mound, but I could be wrong; in fact I am - there's a dog collar on the base of the tree!

And here's that nicely formed, little disturbed turtle on the mound:

What follows in my folder is a bunch of interesting stuff, all blurry, but all clustered near by. I got back in focus for a couple more:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Stone Features in CT

Near the Springhead of the dried up stream... #5:

Friday, May 22, 2009