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Video from the Schaghticoke Rally and Protest

"If it was your house, and it was your mother's grave getting dug up, wouldn't you get upset?"
Tony Crone of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation

The grave of his mother, Paulette Crone, has been allowed to be desecrated by the state's refusal to intervene on its behalf to stop the destruction of land on the reservation.
The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation held a protest and rally at the state capitol from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan. 29, the fifth anniversary of its reversed federal acknowledgement, to protest the state's refusal to intervene on its behalf to stop the destruction of land on the reservation. Tribal members want the governor to uphold CT laws rather than ignore a non-Indian who is bulldozing parts of the reservation. January 29, 2009 was also the fifth anniversary of the federal recognition of the tribe. The recognition was later reversed 18 months later...

Russell Means, an Oglala Sioux, attended and later spoke the rally. Means is an activist remembered for his role at the 1973 Wounded Knee takeover at the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.

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Could this be done anyplace else in Connecticut ?

State of Connecticut
Governor Jodi Rell
Commissioner Gina McCarthy
Commissioner John Danaher
Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz November 17, 2008

Subject: Stop the Hate Crimes

In March of 2004 Michael Rost threatened me, my son Richard and his cousin, who were 15 at the time, my daughter Melissa and another nephew with his huge excavating machine, swinging the bucket filled with huge boulders over our heads. At the time, we sat peacefully on different boulders, hoping that our presence there would stop this volatile man from further despoiling and destroying the tribe’s long house. Rost had created a very dangerous and intimidating situation by stacking huge boulders around the tribe’s long house and on the roof of the building. Prior to this threatening incident and destruction to the tribe’s long house he had scrapped the topsoil, desecrating the sacred area around the historical burial ground.

The report from the state police that day was marked civil and there was not one mention of his threats or his criminal behavior. Through our persistence Rost was arrested and the investigation deemed the incident criminal and with tribal persistence, DEP finally issued a cease and desist to his destruction of the land. The court ordered Rost to stay away from the children and not do anything to land for 18 months. On a few occasions during that time, this grown man taunted my son saying that he, Rost, could go anyplace on my son’s tribe’s reservation, and “There is nothing you can do.” One of the taunts was reported to the state police, and nothing was done to Rost. When the 18 months had passed, in the fall of 2007 Rost began to desecrate and destroy the land again. Rost has no legal right to the Schaghticoke Reservation, he is not Schaghticoke.

What is so alarming to me is why didn’t the State of CT prosecute Rost for the desecration and destruction to the tribe’s long house and sacred land in 2004?
By not prosecuting him, they fed into Rost’s now continuing abuse and hate crimes against my son’s civil rights and his special rights to his tribal land as well as the rights of other Schaghticoke tribal members. The statutes below go ignored.

On November 26, 2007 Troop L refused to take a criminal complaint of hate crimes from Tribal Council member Joe Velky (I witnessed their refusal). Michael Rost is still allowed to intimidate, and trespass, continuing his desecration and destruction of Schaghticoke sacred land. I made a statement that the troopers were violating Mr. Velky’s civil rights and then we were told to leave.

October 29, 2008 my son was asked by his father Chief Richard Velky to check on the desecration and continuing hate crimes being committed by Rost. This perverse trespasser again threatened my son, but this time with a rifle. A Schaghticoke Indian; who has certain special rights to his tribal lands, that was set aside for tribal members only. Two other witnesses also signed a statement to Rost’s holding the rifle across his chest telling my son to get out or else. Michael Rost then walked away only to put the rifle in his vehicle. Are we to believe this volatile man is riding around the reservation with a loaded gun?

Twice last week I called to speak to Commissioner John Danaher of Public Safety to inquire about the investigation of my son’s criminal complaint against Michael Rost. My concern as a parent was to inquire about the investigation and arrest of Rost. The Commissioner didn’t return my calls. Commander Boyne called me and that is when I learned the case was closed. I am still in shock and disbelief. This is the second time Rost has threatened my son. I can not sit idle to wait for a third time. I don’t believe any parent would.

Since October Connecticut has new hate crime laws, why isn’t Troop L arresting Rost? Why doesn’t the public have access to the State Police Procedures? Why isn’t Commissioner McCarthy following CT state statutes regarding the care and management of the Schaghticoke Reservation? Why isn’t Governor Rell acting in good faith as the administrative agent and gives assurances and doing all other things necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter? What advice is Attorney General Richard Blumenthal giving to State Police, Commissioner McCarthy, and Governor Rell?

Take a ride. You can see the many acres of land Rost has desecrated and destroyed. Rost also made a road cutting hundreds of feet across, and up the mountainous terrain, crossing wetlands, and the habitat of the timberland rattlesnake, which is not only listed as endangered by Connecticut, but is also an important symbol in the tribe’s cultural heritage. Much of this land is archeologically sensitive, but Rost is allowed to rampage over it with his heavy equipment, potentially destroying Schaghticoke artifacts and history. Furthermore, he is allegedly logging on Schaghticoke land, quarrying rocks and removing them over the state line into New York .

The state police and DEP have been called out to the reservation too many times to count. During this time of a huge budget deficit, does Gov Rell or anyone in the government know how much it costs the state of Connecticut each time the state police come to the reservation? That’s not even the half of it. What about the countless hours that state staff has spent on phone calls and emails responding to our numerous complaints and our pleas to have the state help expel this non-Schaghticoke trespasser off Schaghticoke land? Wouldn’t it be less costly and more efficient for the state to carry out its fiduciary and moral responsibilities to protect the state’s indigenous people and their land?


Kathy A. Velky
626 Washington Rd.
Woodbury , CT 06798

Civil Rights and Hate Crime Laws
Connecticut General Assembly State Statute Chapter 824
47-59-a Connecticut Indians; citizenship, civil rights, land rights (& certain special rights to tribal lands).
47-59b-30 Intrusion by non members-or go upon the reservation without the written permission of the tribe.
47-60—Reservation land held in trust by state.—in perpetuity to prevent alienation (hostility) for future generations of Indians.
47-64--Use of reservations—Rost does not lawfully reside on the reservation. He testified in his conviction in 2005 of threatening tribal members with his excavator that he is not Schaghticoke Indian. The Commissioner CAN EVICT Rost.
47-65-- Management of reservations and residents thereon. Adoption of regulations. Governor designated the administrative agent.
The Commissioner shall (core meaning ---will) have care and management of reservation lands.
47-65 e The Governor is the administrative agent and gives assurances and do all other things necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.
47-65-6 Use of Indian Reservation –use for tribal members only. (Use of Indian Reservation No resident may cut timber on the reservation except that needed by the tribal member for his own use in heating or cooking.
47-66-- (WE) Authorize Commissioner of DEP to maintain an action to recover property (timber) misappropriated from (our) reservation.
47-66 g Management of Indian Affairs. The Commissioner of DEP shall (core meaning ---will) manage the state’s interest in Indian Affairs not otherwise specified in this chapter and providing information to tribal members.
Sec. 10-386. Permit for archaeological investigation on state lands. Regulations.
Sec. 10-390. Penalty. (a) No person shall excavate, damage or otherwise alter or deface any archaeological or sacred site on state lands or within a state archaeological preserve unless such activity is in accordance with the terms and conditions of a permit issued under section 10-386 or in the case of an emergency. (b) No person shall sell, exchange, transport, receive or offer to sell, any archaeological artifact or human remains collected, excavated or otherwise removed from state lands or a state archaeological preserve in violation of subsection (a) of this section. (c) No person shall engage in any activity that will desecrate, disturb or alter any Native American burial, sacred site or cemetery, including any associated objects, unless the activity is engaged in pursuant to a permit issued under section 10-386 or under the direction of the State Archaeologist.

Sent: 1/27/2009 11:44:52 P.M. Eastern Standard TimeSubj: Fwd: Subject: Stop the Hate Crimes

Dear Governor Jodi Rell,

It disturbs me greatly that you still have not responded to my letter of November 17, 2008.

Kathy Velky

RE: Subject: Stop the Hate Crimes
11/19/2008 3:40:57 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Dear Kathy:

Wish as I might to be in a position to help you, I regret that I have no authority to assist you with your issues surrounding what is happening on Schaghticoke land.
The biggest problem standing in the way of resolution centers around the feuding factions and I have no authority to decide who is the proper representative. An additional problem that has to be resolved is the lack of federal recognition for your tribe. I see these as the main stumbling blocks in your effort to seek Department of Environmental Protection intervention.
I can only suggest that the competing factions sit down and develop a shared authority with specific responsibilities for members of the tribe. A united tribe would then be able to control what, if any, development could take place on the land. A united tribe might also be better able to present a stronger case for federal recognition.
I send my best wishes to you and all Schaghticokes for the future. To paraphrase President Lincoln: A nation divided cannot stand.

Good Luck,

Richard Roy
State Representative
119 District

Dear Representative Roy: November 20, 2008

You are in the position and do have the authority to help as Co-Chair of the Environment Committee by stopping the hate crimes being committed against my son, the Schaghticoke people and their land. As quoted from your web site: “My duty at the State Capitol is to serve and represent you and your best interests.” “For years we've seen and felt the consequences of poor environmental policy and misdirected industrial actions.” The days of negligence toward nature and culture are behind us.

As Co-Chairman of the committee on “ENVIRONMENT” you shall have cognizance (law-the right of a court of law to deal with a particular matter) of all matters relating to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), including conservation, recreation, pollution control, fisheries and game, state parks and forests, water resources and flood and erosion control; and all matters relating to the Department of Agriculture, including farming, dairy products and domestic animals.”

You did not mention any concern regarding the threat with a gun made towards my son? Nor did you mention the hate crimes being committed towards my son, the Schaghticoke people and their land. Are Native Americans protected under the new hate crime laws in CT? By not prosecuting Rost, the State of CT is feeding into Rost’s abuse and hate crimes. My son’s civil rights and his “certain special rights” as a Native American are allowed to be violated, as well as the “certain special rights” of other Schaghticoke Tribal Members and their land. I do not believe you understand the urgency of my concern. Michael Rost threatened my son with a gun and this was the second time he threatened my son. Rost is not a Schaghticoke Indian; he is a trespasser without Tribal approval as is required in the CT State Statutes. Again, I ask you. Do I have to wait for a third time? His belligerent and frightening behavior is escalating and all you can say is “Good Luck”?

You are correct when stating you; “have no authority to decide who is the proper representative.” You are absolutely right. Why? Because only the Tribal people can elect their Chief and in 1987 the Tribal people elected Richard Velky as their Chief. As the recognized elected leader of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, Chief Velky was entrusted with the responsibility to make sound decisions in representing the approximately 300 Tribal Members along with 400 acres of their land. The Reservation land is held in trust by the State of Connecticut for the Schaghticoke people only, not trespassers of any sort. The Commissioner of DEP shall (core meaning ---will) have care and management of reservation lands and the Schaghticoke people can authorize the Commissioner of DEP to maintain an action to recover property (timber-minerals, damages, artifacts, etc.) misappropriated from their Reservation and they have. The two means a government to government relationship that was and is the intent of the CT state statutes.

I mentioned just a few statutes because I listed more from Chapter 824 Indians and their Regulations below. Other CT laws cited below are civil rights laws, hate crime laws, environmental laws, and laws pertaining to Native American Cultures, and policy concerning archaeological investigations aimed at my son and the Schaghticoke people. So once again, Representative Roy, does CT have a fiduciary duty to the Schaghticoke people and their land or not? Could hate crimes, destruction, despoliation of sacred land be allowed to happen anyplace else in Connecticut ? Why is this allowed to happen to the Schaghticoke people and their land? Would Native Americans be protected under the new hate crime laws in CT? Please answer all of my very crucial questions.

Your response alarms me even more now. Who gave you this intentional misguided information stated below? Do you have or have you seen documentation to prove the allegations you stated? I have seen documentation to prove otherwise. I would like to set up an appointment with you and Linda Gray the STN Tribal Genealogist/Clerk ( to share with you the documentation we have uncovered. Along with many, more photo’s of the crimes being committed. Please do what it ethically and morally right. CT can not pick and choose which laws to follow and which laws to ignore.


Kathy Velky
A mother and a sincere advocate for all Schaghticoke People

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Story Published: Jan 23, 2009 by Gale Courey Toensing

HARTFORD, Conn. – In the mid-1970s, at the height of the American Indian Movement, Russell Means came to Connecticut to support the late Golden Hill Paugussett Chief Aurelius Piper Sr. in his fight to protect the tribe’s half-acre reservation in Trumbull, which was being encroached upon by a non-Indian neighbor.Now some 40 years later, Means, who is perhaps the most famous Indian activist in the world, will travel to Connecticut to support Schaghticoke Tribal Nation Chief Richard Velky in his struggle to protect the tribe’s 400-acre reservation in Kent, which is being bulldozed and desecrating by a non-Indian intruder.
=> Read more!

"Indigenous Politics: From Native New England and Beyond" radio program on WESU, Middletownm CT , 88.1fm.
LISTEN ONLINE while the program airs from 4-4:55pm (EST):
On Tuesday's program, January 27, 2009, join your host, Dr. J. Kehaulani Kauanui for an episode focusing on a crisis on the Schaghticoke reservation in Kent , CT. A non-Indian male intruder who claims to be the spokesman of an un-enrolled Schaghticoke woman who says she is the chief of the Schaghticoke Indian Nation is bull-dozing land to create road, cutting down trees, and even desecrating sacred sites. The reservation land is held in trust by the state Department of Environmental Protection. However, state officials and even state police have refused to stop the non-Native trespasser. Guests will discuss the course of events, and the barriers they face in trying to get the attention of state officials who claim their hands are tied because of a "leadership conflict." Hear from: Katherine Saunders, Chair of the Preservation Committee for the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation; esteemed Schaghticoke elder, Trudie Lamb Richmond, Connecticut Native American Heritage Advisory Council, and the Preservation Committee for the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation; Nicholas F. Bellantoni, the state archaeologist with the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and Archaeology Center at the University of Connecticut; and the Chief of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, Richard Velky.
In response to the latest situation of destruction on their reservation, the Schaghticoke plan to rally against state neglect with a march on the Capitol in Hartford. Native and non-Native supporters will gather on the south side of the state capitol building and the legislative office building Jan. 29 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to protest the state's refusal to stop the non-Schaghticoke trespasser. Tribal members also posted a petition at, which they intend to present to Gov. Jodi Rell at the rally. The petition calls on the governor "to investigate and order an immediate halt to the hate crimes, destruction, desecration of sacred lands and encroachment" that continues despite the tribe's requests for help. Russell Means will be flying in to support at the rally as well.
Past programs of "Indigenous Politics" are now archived online:
"Indigenous Politics" is syndicated weekly on Pacifica-affiliate stations: WNJR, 91.7 FM, " Washington & Jefferson College Radio" in Washington , PA , and WETX-LP, 105.3 FM, "The independent voice of Appalachia ," which includes a region encompassing TWELVE STATES and 20 million people: east Tennessee , southwest Virginia, west Kentucky, all of West Virginia, most of Pennsylvania, south New York, west Maryland, west North Carolina, west South Carolina, north Georgia, north Alabama, and northeast Mississippi. In addition, next month, WBCR-lp in Massachusetts will begin to syndicate the show.
The show's producer and host, J. Kehaulani Kauanui, Ph.D. is an associate professor of American Studies and Anthropology at Wesleyan University . She is the author of a newly released book, Hawaiian Blood: Colonialism and the Politics of Sovereignty and Indigeneity (Duke University Press, 2008).

See also "Schaghticokes seek help to stop quarrying by Kathryn Boughton (12/05/2008)

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More about Schaghticoke

STN Home Page:

“The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation has been recognized by the Colony and then the State of Connecticut as a separate and distinct American Indian tribal entity continually from historic time through the 20th century. Today, the Tribe has approximately 300 members.
The historical and spiritual base of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation is the Tribe's approximately 400-acre reservation in Kent, Connecticut. The reservation is mountainous and rocky, with a small strip of flatland located on a flood plain along the Housatonic River.
After decades of state policy to remove tribal members from the reservation, few currently live there. The vast majority of Tribal members reside in Fairfield, New Haven and Litchfield counties, along traditional Schaghticoke seasonal migratory routes along the Housatonic that were first documented in the 18th century.
From 1925 to 1972, Connecticut intensified a policy of detribalization and termination, making it extremely difficult for tribal members to live and gather on the Reservation. Tribal members were forced out, while those wanting to return home were refused permission. Except for farming, no business could be transacted and no buildings or improvements could be added without the written consent of the state. This anti-Indian policy is underscored by the fact that there were no public powwows on the Reservation between 1941 and 1972. All in all, tribal members recall, the Reservation was a "difficult place to live and survive" during this century…”
About the photos: These are some copies of Wtby Newspaper photos of the Last Pow Wow at the Kent CT Resevation, given to me by Marcia C. Grenier that she found in the archives of the Watertown (CT) Historical Society.
Posted: June 20, 2008 by: Gale Courey Toensing / Indian Country Today:
“After months of seeking state protection, the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation has filed complaints of human rights violations against three state agencies for refusing to help stop the desecration and destruction of tribal property. The complaints were filed with the state's Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities in April and May. Two complaints were filed by STN Chief Richard Velky against state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's office and the Department of Environmental Protection. A third was filed by tribal council member Joseph Velky Jr., the chief's nephew, against the Connecticut State Police. The complaints charge that the agencies are violating human rights and state statutes by ''not enforcing the state laws to protect our tribal property, because the respondent [DEP] doesn't want to recognize the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation as a Native American entity. My complaints about destruction of tribal property are being ignored because I am a member of a Native American tribe.'' Joseph Velky Jr.'s complaint says the law enforcement agency refused to put his complaint in writing. All three stage agencies have refused to help, claiming that a ''tribal leadership dispute'' prevents them from intervening to protect the land. Velky said the state is claiming a leadership dispute in order to ''divide and conquer...''
Full article:

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Schaghticoke Reservation, Kent CT

January 19, 2009

----- What is happening at the reservation today can accurately be called a hate crime and unmistakably desecration, despoliation and destruction of our ancestral land. In 2004 and again in November of 2007, a non-Schaghticoke individual trespassed upon our reservation, began ripping out trees, cutting and removing timber, quarrying stone and illegally excavating our sacred land without Tribal approval or official State permits. Since November 2007, Tribal members have been in contact with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and demanding an immediate cease and desist order to be applied to this intruder. No order was ever applied and the hate crime, destruction, desecration and despoliation have been allowed to proceed for over one year now. The Governor, who has been aware of this situation, allows the intruder to indiscriminately damage our ancestral land, digging up sacred artifacts and keeping them, despite constant opposition from Schaghticoke. To date, he has committed these crimes to over ten (10) acres of land. He has destroyed natural habitats including those of endangered and watched species, desecrated many burials with out any consequences as well as threatening a Tribal member with a rifle, again with out consequences. The State of Connecticut has been allowing these crimes to continue for too long. We are planning a protest in Hartford, CT on 29 January 09 at the State Capitol and Legislative Office Building. Please join us from 10 to 3 PM, snow, rain or shine. We, additionally, are circulating a petition; which can be viewed and signed at
We plan to hand deliver to the Governor on the day of our protest.
Thank you for your support.

In peace,

Schaghticoke Tribal Nation Preservation Committee

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Schaghticoke to rally against state neglect

Photo courtesy Matt Bigos, member Schaghticoke Tribal Nation
A non-Indian intruder on the Scahghticoke Tribal Nation's reservation in Kent, Conn., has been desecrating sacred burial sites, tearing down trees, gouging out roads close to endangered timber rattlesnake dens, the tribe's symbolic protector, causing extensive soil erosion and destruction of streams and a vernal pool for more than a year.

Destruction on reservation is healing tribal rift
By Gale Courey Toensing
Story Published: Jan 9, 2009
Story Updated: Jan 9, 2009
SCHAGHTICOKE RESERVATION, Conn. – The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation will march on the state capitol on the fifth anniversary of its reversed federal acknowledgement to protest the refusal to protect the tribe’s reservation land.The tribe has put out a call to its 300-plus members, to the communities of northeastern tribes and any non-tribal supporters to gather on the south side of the state capitol building and the legislative office building Jan. 29 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to protest the state’s refusal to stop Michael Rost, a non-Schaghticoke trespasser, from cutting down trees, bulldozing roads and desecrating sacred burial sites on the tribe’s 400-acre reservation on Schaghticoke Mountain in Kent, Conn., said tribal member Katherine Saunders. The state claims its hands are tied because of a “leadership conflict...
..."Rost was arrested in 2004 for the very same thing he’s doing now, however, now the state will not intervene in assisting Schaghticoke with a cease and desist order. We’ve asked through e-mail, snail mails, phone calls and they basically say they won’t help,” Saunders said.

Why is the state refusing to help?

“Part of me believes that through the attorney general the state doesn’t want to recognize the Schaghticoke as a state tribe any longer and I think they’re trying to basically take away any rights we have by committing cultural genocide to our tribe.”

Tribal members have turned to each other, and technology for support. They wrote and posted a petition at
which they intend to present to Gov. Jodi Rell at the rally.
The petition calls on the governor “to investigate and order an immediate halt to the hate crimes, destruction, desecration of sacred lands and encroachment” that continues despite the tribe’s requests for help.“We are deeply concerned about the overwhelming, negative environmental impact affecting our ancestral lands,” the petition states. “Much of this devastation includes: severing, ripping and cutting down trees which cause the unnecessary fragmentation of forest blocks, selling timber off an Indian reservation, quarrying large boulders, destroying endangered species and their habitats, and purposely inflicting irreparable harm to sacred land.””

More at:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Online Petition

From: Linda Gray [] Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 1:07 PMSubject: FW: Petition Online-Stop the desecration towards Schaghticoke

STN Members and Friends:

As some of you already know, there is a non-Schaghticoke trespasser ripping, severing and selling our timber on Schaghticoke Reservation. He has dug up huge boulders and with his heavy machinery he has moved, stacked and crushed stone for quarrying. He has bulldozed through our land making roads to lead up the Schaghticoke Mountain . He has bulldozed over the resting place where my niece laid her mother, my sister, Paulette Crone-Morange’s remains. He has razed much of the Schaghticoke land as we, and our Ancestor’s, have known it and the state of Connecticut officials are turning their cheeks.

In the 1700’s the Colony of Connecticut set aside this land in Kent , CT for the Schaghticoke Indians. This man is not a Schaghticoke Indian. He continues to destroy the land our Ancestors held onto for us to live on and cultivate. The state of Connecticut is refusing to stop him. Because of this, we must join together in force and do it ourselves, as a Tribe and as STN supporters. This intruder must be stopped now.

With that being said, STN is holding a protest on January 29th from 10-3 p.m. in Hartford on the south side of the Capitol building to demonstrate our objection. Please forward this email to your family, friends and acquaintances (out of state welcomed). We must act quickly, January 29th is only days away. We need many signatures. Also, if any of you can be present on the 29th to support this very critical issue, call myself at: 203-913-0827, or call the STN Tribal Office at: 203-736-0872 and leave a message or just show up. Dress warm. Your assistance is needed and appreciated. Please sign onto the petition now and forward it to as many as you can.

Thank you,
Linda M. Gray,
STN Tribal Genealogist

Forward from Dr. Lucianne Lavin

Hi Folks,

The proposed change in funds from the CT Community Investment Act will devastate historic preservation, farm preservation, and archaeology grants in CT. Please read and follow up if you value your historic and agricultural heritage.

----- Original Message -----
From: Lennon Hite
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2008 8:14 AM
Subject: Hartford Preservation ALERT
Dear friend of Hartford Preservation Alliance, Please read the message below and find some time to help us save this critically needed funding. Every voice counts! Warmest regards for the New Year, Laura
Dear Preservationist, Last Wednesday, Governor Rell proposed $365.3 million in cuts in spending and increased revenues for the current fiscal year to cover the deficit predicted by the State Comptroller. One line item for a proposed $10 million is to suspend payments for the rest of this year from the Community Investment Act of 2005, and to instead deposit the funds into the General Fund.
The Community Investment Act relies on a $30 fee charged by town clerks for all land record filings. The municipality keeps $4, and the remaining $26 is divided among historic preservation, farmland preservation, open space protection, and affordable housing. In the past three years, hundreds of grants to municipalities around the state have resulted in significant infrastructure improvements, created jobs, and preserved land and buildings that define the character of our state. After decades of limping along on small federal grants, historic preservation finally has a source of funds commensurate with its pent-up needs, and now the Governor’s proposal would ZERO it out. No other fund was completely zeroed out this way.
The loss of this income stream would be profoundly devastating to historic preservation in Connecticut. We will lose staff, programs, grants, and momentum on dozens of improvement projects.
Please call your legislator and the leadership of the legislature to ask them to leave the Community Investment Act intact. All pertinent contact information can be found at <> , and the address for all legislators is: (Legislator’s Name), Legislative Office Building, Hartford, CT 06106-1591.
We must act now, before any Special Session is called to deal with the deficit. We must save this dedicated income stream now, or it will never come back to us in the next biennial budget. Please act! If you email your legislator, think about putting the email address below on the Bcc line, and share your talking points with CPA.
Anita L. Mielert

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Jan. 29, 2009 Protest

FINALPetition.doc (47KB)
-----Original Message-----From: KVelky2204@aol.comSent: 12/28/2008 11:35:00 AMTo: KVelky2204@aol.comCc: Subject: Fwd: STN Preservation Committee Requests Your Assistance
Dear friends and family

We need your help in gathering as many signatures (out of state included) as possible to stop the destruction to the Schaghticoke Reservation and your participation in the protest in Hartford on January 29th, rain or shine. Your support is needed. Please let me know if you can make it. Rost has threatened Tribal members and has desecrated almost 10 acres of land, including burial sites, habitats, streams, wetlands, and indiscriminately carving his way towards the top of the Schaghticoke Mountain . These hate crimes MUST STOP.

Just an FYI--Rost was arrested in 2004 for the same destruction, criminal mischief, threatening, and a cease and desist was issued by the State of Connecticut to stop his destruction then.
Why not now?

Every signature and any amount of time at the protest will be greatly appreciated. Please mail, fax, or scan all petitions to me by January 22, 2008 and bring the rest to the protest. Your family, friends or supportive organizations are welcome.

Kathy Velky
Home--203-263-0439 Fax--203-263-3584
626 Washington Rd.
Woodbury , CT 06798

From: semideyke@msn.comTo: semideyke@msn.comSent: 12/27/2008 10:00:08 P.M. Eastern Standard TimeSubj: STN Preservation Committee Requests Your Assistance

Dear Tribal Members;

This letter is to inform you of our progress since our Annual Tribal Meeting this past October. As you may recall, we formed a Tribal Committee to look into destruction that was occurring on our reservation. Predominantly, this destruction was being done by an invited guest of Gale Harrison and June Hatstat, a non-Schaghticoke Tribal Member, Michael Rost, since November of 2007. The purpose of the Committee was to find out why our state officials have not listened to our request being made by Council Member Joe Velky and complaints by others to the Governor, Department of Environmental Protection, Attorney General, and the Department of Public Safety, State Police. After the preceding two months of the Committee working the concerns and falling on deaf ears, we have determined the damage to our land can only be considered as hate crimes. Not only by Michael Rost, but also the State of Connecticut. This desecration, destruction, threatening of Tribal members with a rifle, despoliation of our sacred lands and the disturbance of burial remains and documented archaeological sensitive sites must be STOPPED.

What is happening at our Reservation today can accurately be called a hate crime, an unmistakably violation of our sacred land. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will not issue a cease and desist order against this volatile intruder. In 2004, he committed the same crime and was prosecuted. The CT General Assembly State Statutes are clearly defined, but our state officials refuse to adhere to their fiduciary duties and laws. Instead, they allow non-Schaghticoke people to indiscriminately damage our Ancestral land by digging in documented sensitive sacred sites and by removing and damaging artifacts, your artifacts.

Despite constant opposition from now many Schaghticoke members, the State of Connecticut chooses to close their eyes to justice and allow these hate crimes to continue. This desecration does not end; our sister, daughter, mother, cousin, aunt, grandmother, friend and respected deceased Elder Paulette Crone-Morange’s sacred burial site has also been desecrated by Michael Rost.

Now, as Schaghticoke Tribal Members, it is your turn to support the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation Preservation Committee, and to protect our Ancestral land. We are requesting your presence, your friends and neighbors to help at a protest scheduled for January 29, 2009 starting at 10 am at the State Capitol building and Legislative Office Building located at 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT. (I’m sure you all remember January the 29th 2004 is when we received our recognition and for that purpose this date was selected.) What your Committee needs now, is for you to participate for a minimum of 2 hours during our protest times of 10-3 pm.

In order for this protest to be a success we are asking that you please contact Linda Gray at the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation Office at (203)-736-0782 or by email: or Katherine Saunders at to confirm your support. Kindly supply a time and how many will be in attendance including you, your friends and family. We hope to have 250 in attendance to help send a message, loud and clear to the state of Connecticut, that this will not be tolerated.

Additionally, please find attached a petition addressed to Governor Rell. Your support in gathering signatures is needed. At the end of our protest we intend to hand deliver these petitions to her, so please get as many as you can to help make this understood, that we will not stand by and allow our land, our history, and our culture, be destroyed.

Thank you,
Schaghticoke Tribal Nation
Preservation Committee