Thursday, October 31, 2013

Manitous in Grey Fox Woods

(Below: a Turtle  to the left - so vague I didn't take a close-up)
Below is one of those places where you suddenly realize
 there's some stacking of stones going on:

Toppled Manitou (and Turtle?)
Same position and distance away as the first suggested Turtle Effigy,
there is a similar one I got close up to:
And one from the previous day - possibly marble:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Beautiful Zigzag Stone Row and Rhombus

A second trip into Grey Fox Woods eventually led me to this very beautiful, and very carefully constructed, zigzag stone row. I can't quite find it on any old aerial photo or modern bing or google view quite yet, the cognitive map isn't in focus quite yet (and the modern photos from the sky too old to include the latest road added into the area).
But it stuck me as quite beautiful and I first headed up hill, to the west, to see what it might connect to...
And it sort of got smaller and lower and fainter until I wasn't even sure it was there anymore...
...and there along the sight line of this was a little cliff top outcrop:
Now there's a shape you don't see often - a rhombus:
I was reminded of a Ridge Top for a moment, about a half mile (west) away from here that is edged with a boulder and large cobble row like this:
and of another stone of this shape somewhere.
Then I read, early this morning, my friend Peter's post about the passing of his father and his walk into the woods behind his former home. I hope the beauty of the Ceremonial Site there in those sweet woods was a comfort to him, walking paths he taken with his father, past Memorial Piles of Stones, perhaps many made by sons in honor of their fathers...

Had I been showing my friend around (I can't go there without thinking about him), I would have headed a little north and west (although I see I mistakenly said SE in a blog post) to show him this rather massive boulder construction:
I guess I once described it as "a split filled pedestaled boulder with standing stone" here:
The other side looks nothing like a rhombus:
There's a lot of splitting and filling and artistic placement going on in this stone construction - including the little flat a level "table" sort of boulder beside it:
(The Gages have this to say about the shape: 
Description: A double-ended triangle. Only three examples so far have been found. One is white quartz stone at Gungywamp, second is a tall slab at America’s Stonehenge and third is a purple shadow on a standing stone in Salisbury, MA.
Usage: Protective symbolism; possibly other                
A side view of the Rhombus at Grey Fox: 
I did climb up to look out toward the East, over the beautiful row, and saw a large vista of the distant landscape, perhaps in the past more clear of trees, but didn't take a photo. I don't really know why not...

Instead I walked back down along the Zigzag:
Looking for possible effigies, like perhaps a bear:
Maybe a deer:
Looking at the "point stones:"
Wondering, "Is that a Turtle?"
 Marveling about the careful and lasting construction - glimpsing the out crop through the trees:

Looking for cup-like depressions where a person might place a clam shell of tobacco:
Wondering why there would be a gap in the row:
Wondering why it would turn into a linear row:
Turning back to wonder if that big stone at the gap might be a Serpent's Head:
And why not both sides?

Another Turtle? 
White Quartz and maybe more of the Rhombus?
Another Tobacco Place? 
A Fire Starter Base?
Something Anthropomorphic about it when viewed from the side?
Turning linear:

Looking back west: 
The abrupt end at the top of the rise:
(Possibly a Great Serpent with an "Egg in Mouth?")
The end stone of the Beautiful Stone Row:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Chestnut Rails (Stone Tears)

Some more chestnut rails added to a stone row - to sort of "Legalize It," if you know what I mean.
It was the Driveway Massacre that first caught my eye:

Flakes of stone cleave by the eyes of a possible effigy
or are they stone tears?
Added 7/23/2016: