Monday, May 26, 2014

Scuppo Rd. Box Turtle Surprise

     "Today's the day," I said to my grandson, "that we take a close look at that stone." I'd been saying "One of these days..." for quite a while and last Saturday was indeed the day. The area just became an "Open Space" property, although I'd taken a brief trespass into it a time or two - even had a Serpent Surprise there once a couple years ago: {}.

   I wasn't even really 100% certain that this was either a boulder or a pile of stones until we got closer - and saw that it was actually both; the westerly side was stones while the other sides were boulder:

As we circled around (as if it would somehow get away from us), we saw that the boulder sort of looked like a pile of stones, something I'm sure might have a good sort of geological name:

But that westerly side had a head-like feature that reminded me of a turtle, combined with a high-domed shell, that suggests, to me anyway, a box turtle:
(- and those may be feet to the bottom left - maybe a second turtle head.
Could it be two turtles, giving this post at least an R-rating?)
Box Turtle Shaped Boulder and Stones (or Testudinate Petroform) on left,
man shaped man with hat shaped hat on right:
And perhaps that is another turtle nearby:

A single stone petroform perhaps, just the head and shell apparent, I'm sure there will be future posts from further investigations - my grandson mentioned finding a cave at one time...

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