Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Serpent Surprise

I just happened to be dropping off my grandson's back pack, travelling up a road named for a Native American man who lived on this hill in the early days of the Historic Period, as they say. I passed by what turns out to be the tail end of something I assumed was a stone row, a row I've been driving by for years but had never looked at closely.  As I drove back down Scuppo Road, I guess you could say, "Nature was calling me," to put it politely, so I finally stopped by the stone row...

I could see the faint trace of the sometimes zigzag, sometimes serpentine, sometimes linear, stone row that remains along the edges of this dirt road - and along some of the paved roads in the area too - just as you can see in that well executed computer drawing above the photo of the smaller stones of the tail of what turned out to be a Serpent Row that is perhaps 50 feet long or so...
The stones got a bit bigger, boulders rather than cobbles, blocky and placed sort of "upright," if you know what I mean. There might be some outcrop under the duff of leaves and branches, but as the outcrop began to show, the placement of stones got pretty interesting...
And I was surprised to see, looking north, that the row ended rather quickly:

So I was drawn toward the end of the row so I could be surprised by the "end stone:"

(Looking South)

And looking East:
It's not the most "dramatic" of serpent heads, but it's longer than wider, triangular like an actual snake's head - maybe Scuppo, who I know nothing else about other than the fact that he was "an Indian" who lived here on this hill somewhere, might have constructed this Serpent and never got around to finishing the head stone, but that's just a fanicful guess...
               (More Serpents and Snakes: http://rockpiles.blogspot.com/search?q=serpent  &  http://wakinguponturtleisland.blogspot.com/search?q=serpent )

 It's about a hundred feet north to where a linear stone row has a little gap in it, ten feet wide at the most, but with end stones on both sides of the gap. This is the one I photographed with the cell phone camera:
Another a few feet east:

Walking back to the road, there were a couple more boulders that were interesting:


  1. Just behind the "head" is a notch. It would be interesting to see if the head and notch make a shadow.

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