Saturday, August 24, 2019

Two Striking Serpents Again (Nonnewaug CT Cluster #3)

And a few more...

Top: the "other side" of the above,
another row of stones begins...

Leads to this:
Opposite another Stone Snake:

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Two Old Roads (CT)

An old road - how old I don't know -
Qusukqaniyutôk on both sides, 
Sometimes a gateway to another road,
Qusukqaniyutôk on both sides.
An Uktena - like Great Snake
Protects those places...

Perhaps some tobacco
 burning in a shell
in a stone bowl 
keeps the Big Snake happy...

This is at two roadways, 
Old roadways  - how old I don't know -
Qusukqaniyutôk on both sides
Of both roadways
(by the letter "r" below:)
An older post about the same gateway:

Badpotato Photos

 One more day of antibiotic to go, I've been distracting myself from side effects and stress by looking back at badpotatoes, Flickr images by someone I know but have never met.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Outcrop Serpent Effigy 01 (Cockaponset)

Humanly Modified Outcrop resembling an Eastern Timber Rattlesnake, the snake that served as a model for a Great Horned Snake that figures highly in Indigenous Legends. The cracks in the outcrop have been filled in in places, "stacked" or perhaps "wedged" in natural cracks in the stone, but possibly with help by human hands to further enhance the image of a Great Serpent...

Cockaponset, Killingworth CT 
May 2016

Laugh if you like but here's more, "hidden in plain sight:"
 Dr. Curtiss Hoffman had pointed out a similar but in no way identical Outcrop Serpent Head to me in New Haven County, noting rare possible/probable "cup marks" of various sizes - and a tiny petroform turtle in one of the Cupuoles. 

Identifying Snake Petroforms/Serpent "Stone Walls"

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Revisiting Stone Turtles in CT Cluster #7

My brother-in-law had just mowed a new path into the little bit of woods behind my mom's and as I walked along it, these stones above caught my eye.
It didn't take long to realize, I was looking at the east side of a familiar spot:
I may have posted this before, a fuzzy photo of the east side pasted onto an aerial capture:

A few other new photos:
Two high domed box turtles?
Is that a tail or another head on the other side?

I don't know exactly which one, but it's probably one of these,
in the Hammonasset East Cluster (C. Hoffman Stone Prayers, page 120): 
"What's around it?" you may ask.
My mom bought a  copy of this annotated map for a dollar, and I think the numbers may correspond to some of the artifacts on display at the Westbrook Historical Society:
A poor attempt to match up my cell phone photos:
Fooling with flipping the Lidar (to match the aerial above):