Friday, March 23, 2018

Model of the Inwood Hill caves (Bronx NY)

Where have all the New York City Cermonial Stone Landscape Features Gone??

   “Mr. Chenoweth dug away the dirt until he found an easy entrance to a chamber in which a man in stooping posture might crawl about with some difficulty.  The chamber was dry, and the dirt on the floor was soft.  Mr. Chenoweth began turning it through with his trowel.  Many pieces of pottery, some as large as a man’s hand, a few as large as a man’s two hands, lay in little pockets of the sediment. After six hours of digging Mr. Chenoweth had all the fragments of six pots of curious forms and unique manufacture.  As he pushed ahead the next day he found a dark exit from the first chamber to a second one.  The exit was a hole in the rocks; half filled with dirt, and altogether so small that before being cleaned a man would have to crawl through it...” (NY Sun 1890)

    Princess Naomie says: "Back in the woods a bit is what’s called an Indian cave, but between you and I and the gate-post, I don’t believe Indians ever lived there. It leaks..."

     I say: “Look at the location, the path to the Creek, and think about a Stone Sweat Lodge or Pissuponck for a few moments:”

 Where have all the New York City Cermonial Stone Landscape Features Gone??
Long time passing, Long Time Ago...
Gone to WPA work crews - every one???
When will we ever learn...
     When will we ever learn...

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Serpentine in More Than One Way

    A short bit of stonework, extending from another row of stones, not a Zig Zag but more “Serpentine” you could say, undulating side to side, ending in a triangular flat topped boulder touching the little stream...
    I can find it here quite easily, this Indigenous signature on LiDar indicating a Ceremonial Stone Landscape, and even turn it so that east is at the top, just like in the photo:
Well that looks terrible. I hope you get the idea...
     And the Idea is that “This is indicative of the effigy form known as (a) Serpentine row (of stones). Quite often they  curve and meander across the landscape and usually they will start with the tail of serpent in a spring or a stream and will end with the Serpent’s head – which you see at the bottom of the screen – also pointing to water,” as Doug Harris mentions in the National Park Service Training Video (and in the transcript) which can be found here:
That Serpentine Row of Stones, enhanced for effect:

Not to be confused with Zig Zag Rows of Stones:
Some Previous Sometimes Serpentine:
Atlanta Trails - Fort Mountain State Park: hike to a mysterious serpentine rock wall:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Back to "That Spot"

"This Spot:"
Way UP:

Sculpted Stone?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Except When The Serpent's Head Isn't Triangular

Could be sort of rhomboidal...

...or something...

...somewhere in here in 2012 LiDar:

Near a hilltop, another one:
Looking south:
Looking north:

In the LiDar:
From port-side, approaching the Boulder, I realize it resembles another variation...

Striking Serpent (Raised Head):

Two (Narrow Gateway)

Bigger than a boulder, there's also Outcrops: