Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Native American Research and Preservation, Inc.

"Near Crestone, Colorado there are four intriguing stone 'hut' structures. Who built them? When? For what purpose? These are the questions we are seeking to answer. Some theories are they were built by railroad workers as bread ovens. However, construction of the railroad was not begun here until 1901.

Three of the structures do not have any openings to allow smoke to escape and do not appear to be smoke blackened inside. The smallest one does not have a top of any kind. Two are very 'turtle' shaped. One has a stone 'tail' which aligns to the East. One has a stone 'shelf' in the back which aligns with the Winter Solstice sunset..."
"We would like to hear from you if anyone knows of similar structures, their uses, age, etc."

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