Thursday, April 29, 2021

Stone Snake Effigy (Woodbury CT)

I was driving up this newly graded road
 when I noticed the white stone near the boulder
 at the beginning of this segment of stacked stones
that most people would call a stone wall or fence...

Imagining the white stone as the "Jewel"
(that I "moved" in the illustration)
 on top of the head of an Uktena-like Stone Snake Effigy,
there also appears to be a diamond-like stone
  behind the suspected head stone,
perhaps the vulnerable spot 
where the stories say the Uktena's heart is:
At the other end of the segment
 is another boulder at another
 opening in the "fence."
I don't really need to superimpose an eye
 to convey my idea that this is another
 "boulder snake head" type of Great Snake Effigy:

I did try out some 
different styles of horns,
 imaging the construction as
 a Great Horned Snake:

41.590 - 73.199

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