Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Revisit Before the Big Snow

Above: A gateway I suspect to be representations of a (or the) Great Serpent - or if you like, "Ophiomorphic Petroforms.”
I did return to the place in Washington CT, just before the big snow storm, but encountered some ice on the structure and along the paths:

Another detail, hard to see in the photo below, was that a stone in the "wall" protruded out into the split in the bedrock, while in another split of another protrusion along that piece of bedrock had a very rounded stone placed in that split. I wonder if these are possible serpent heads as well...


  1. I have studied those pics quite a bit. I wonder if the seperation between the walls has any meaning? Openings? Seperating the sacred from the profane? Or is the way that you must approach them being directed or controlled?

  2. Look back here - I was asking the same questions:

  3. Whoa, that wall is enormous, the pics w/ you (or the person?) standing next to it really puts it in perspective.