Thursday, May 31, 2012

NAGPRA (Thirty Days)

"I used to search for reservations and native lands

before I realized everywhere I stand

there have been tribal feet running wild as fire…”

Stones gathered, stones placed just so

In a heap, in a row,

Over a period of time so long ago

That no one truly knows

How long they’ve been there;

And the Old Ones shrug their shoulders

And say “They’ve been there Forever.”

Native Graves Protection Act, you say?

What it boils down to is,

You got so many days

To move your granny

To do your study

Before we bulldoze it away.

Dontcha know?

There’s money to be made!

Your “rocks” are in the way.

And that’s the real bottom line

They’ll give you just so much time

To move your Ancestors off of OUR LAND!

"If the discovery occurred in connection with an activity, including (but not limited to) construction, mining, logging, and agriculture, the person shall cease the activity in the area of the discovery, make a reasonable effort to protect the items discovered before resuming such activity, and provide notice under this subsection. Following the notification under this subsection, and upon certification by the Secretary of the department or the head of any agency or instrumentality of the United States or the appropriate Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian organization that notification has been received, the
activity may resume after 30 days of such certification."

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