Saturday, May 12, 2012

Classic example of a prayer seat

A conversation with Alyssa Alexandria RunsWithWolves

What does the Tsektsel face?
Another Tsektsel or prayer seat:
The view, focal point from inside the second prayer seat:

Are any of the prayer seats integrated with the walls? Yes, they are. The walls do trail down to nothing once they reach them, however. Sometimes just a single row of cobbles.

The walls are robust at ground level, then meander up into nothing but a single row of stones going up the outcroppings to the prayer seat area; then (they) just stop and you're within the "spots."

They are all tied to walls. I took a series of photos with smoke holes, medicine boulders, some other wild perch type seats-- it's a little ceremonial area on top of a high outcropping. Lots of donation stones (red ones).

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