Monday, April 30, 2018

Tuttle Turtle Step Gateway (Woodbury CT)

The Manitou Stone on the top of the rise caught my eye:
And then I remembered a winter day when I first noticed these stones on a boulder, just around the curve of this roadside row of stones:
   Rolf Cachat-Shilling in  A Quantitative Assessment of Stone Relics in a Western Massachusetts Town ( Massachusetts Archaeological Society 2016) designates "stones on a boulder" such as these as: “A boulder-based "cairn" or Skuguisu Káhtqwk” and also as  “higher, boulder-based cairns (skuguisu káhtqwk.).” He also mentions the Narragansett traditionally refer to as káhtôquwuk  as "stone groupings," citing Harris and Robinson  in Ancient Ceremonial Landscape and King Philip’s War. Northeast Anthropology (2015:140).

And there's the gateway into the Place, a Turtle Step:
 (But is it also a Snake's head?)
Yes, I was here before, probably going home from the place where they do Emissions Testing: 

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