Monday, July 28, 2014

Tim Hauf Photography

(I just found a draft of this blog post, so I just put it up:)

                            Stepping back from a detail I've often used...

(Manitoba Turtle Petroform by Stan Milosevic -

...I find it may be "the turtle in center" of a Bannock Point Petroform referred to as the "Circle of Life" here among others at this fine collection of photographs by Tim Hauf:

(updated link)
This might be another photo of the same petroform from a website where the author writes:
The picture above is an example of an area that I was always drawn to when at Bannock Point (Manitoba Whiteshell). I later learnt that this spot is one of the vortex areas used by the originators. The original Petroforms here have been lost or removed and replaced by what appears to be more modern ones, as if to say, from the subconsciousness’s of these people “I remember this spot.”
(From this webpage:, which in turn is part of a huge collection of pages, indexed at: - which sure looks very "complicated," to say the least, but does seem to have many original photos by someone who is familiar with many a "stone concentration.")

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