Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Thing about Waking Up On Turtle Island

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Joshua Rock
Along the Cedar Island Trail
Maybe a recent Rock Pile - or not
A Turtle?

Glacier or Human Activity?

End of the trail - is that the weir in the distance?

West side of row disturbed by trail...

...and the east side, barely visible under the green of late summer.

Split boulder with a wedge stone?

Turtle face at Southern end of trail perhaps?

The thing about Waking Up On Turtle Island is that I can do it just about everywhere I go, not just where I wake up most mornings at home.

I can visit my mom and see those stones some people always call "walls," and see the "Indian Look" in them - find a pile of stone hand tools sitting on them or visit several preserves nearby and see more rows and boulders that have escaped "harvesting" or complete destruction by the bulldozers by either some sort of miracle or just plain coincidence - or both.

I've looked at rock piles and rows in Rhode Island, where I first read "Manitou" - picked up a nice flint projectile point one time, just waiting for me on the foot path nearby.

And I found it at Hammonasset just recently - find myself waiting to hear from a retired doctor (who seems to also Wake Up on Turtle Island) if I correctly spotted a tidal fish weir made of stone from a distance.
The photos above document a little walk I took on August 30, 2008...

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