Thursday, September 30, 2021

Lion's Woods Catwalk Walk (Litchfield CT)

   A quarried block of stone
I'd never noticed before
 at the beginning of the trail to the catwalk:

A rectangular foundation-like stone structure
I'd never noticed before
Further along the trail to the catwalk:


“A Dressing of Stone:  After quarrying, Stones are to be dressed for finish surface. The stone dressing can be done easily just after quarrying. The stone blocks are cut and squared as per requirements with the help of dressing tools. There are many types of tools uses for the dressing of stones such as pitching tools, mason’s hammer, club hammer, scabbling hammer, spacing hammer, drafting chisel, point chisel, punch chisel, claw chisel, soft stone chisels scabbling pick, puncheon, and ax…

Hammer dressed finish: In this type of finish, the stones are made roughly square or rectangular by means of a hammer…”

An Indigenous

 Pootatuck, Paugussett

 circa 1700

 Snake Dressing of Stone

 Back at home in Nonnewaug:

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