Friday, October 23, 2020

Protective Spirits, Guardian Snakes (Nonnewaug)

    Great Serpents can be a Protective Spirits, Guardian Snakes having control over weather and water – and against the fires caused by lightening shot from the eyes of the Thunder Beings (Thunder Birds) as well as the controlled burning Indigenous Peoples used to maintain Balance and create Abudance. I refer to the sideways looking gateway Serpents I observe in the field as Uktena, recalling the Cherokee stories about “the Strong Looker,” as the name translates to, a Spirit who sees your thoughts and knows your intentions as you enter a certain space.
In some Indigenous stories, a tobacco offering pleases the Great Horned Guardians...
This "backbone" row of stones, this snake effigy, shown in red below,
 could be said to emerge from a cliff face: 
(Stupid Sheet lifted from Rock Piles)

The cliff face spot where I've watched the Winter Solstice sun set,
a little warm spot with a snow free place to sit:

Western terminus of the row of stones/effigy:

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