Thursday, February 20, 2020

Anthropomorphic Effigy faces (Maryland)

Sherry R. writes, “I read your blog about the little face found in Lisbon (CT): 

I have a collection of artifacts found from 1900-1930 off a farm in Maryland including little faces. The faces look like individuals and are small and flat… I believe they are clay, but not sure..."

   "All we know is they were found by the owner of a farm. Coastal farmland. Items were glued to this board between 1920-30 by the land owner. They are still attached so I don't know what's on the backs. The display board is ugly so I wanted to detach them. I was considering detaching them until I saw the story about a similar face that was said to be rare. This board was one that the farmer's Grandson did not want because he said he was keeping the best ones. I'll attach some side views of the faces…"

"This is a piece of pottery shard on the board and stone beads:"

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