Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Some Turtle Effigies in CT Cluster #3

Tûnuppasuonk kodtonquag(kash) - turtle effigies in stone (Nipmeuw). 

A  Box Turtle Effigy:

Turtle Effigy in "stone heap" or Káhtôquwuk  (Narragansett), allegorically, a 'stone prayer.'

In the same group of "Stone Mounds" or anogkuéu kodtonquag(kash) - barely elevated low mound of concentric circles of smooth/round cobbles or very small stones, sometimes variable as pebbles without organized rings (Nipmeuw):

Algonquin Language terms from:
 Rolf Cachat
Bulletin of Society for Connecticut Archaeology (2018)

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