Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wings of the Spirit: California Condor

The Place of the California Condor Among Native Peoples of the Californias
John W. Foster
Senior State Archaeologist
"Other painted sites within Chumash territory have also produced avian images thought to be condors (Grant 1965).  At Pool Rock, for example, a winged design is centrally placed among white, red and black elements. At Chumash Painted Cave, the winged design is mixed among other symbols in a complex panel. Nearby in the Carrizo Plain exists a natural sandstone outcrop sculpted into a shape resembling a condor's head.  It is joined by the head of Coyote. The feature is embellished with red designs, which have survived only in the protected niches.  The site was recently identified as a sacred condor site by a Chumash elder (Carl Bjork, personal communication). Red designs decorate the condor's neck.  This has been identified as a sacred site. (Carl Bjork photo)"
Flutes made from the wing bones of the California Condor have been found in
central California archaeological sites.  These are incised with intricate designs.

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