Friday, March 02, 2012

Two Aerial Photos of ‘The Leap Day’ Area

PW, King O’ The Rock Piles, spots some probable “field clearing stones,” and some old photos confirm it (I think).
The last couple “mounds” ( ) don’t appear on the 1934 shot, but do in 1965. Click on the photo below to enlarge and you will see the places the photos from the post from Leap Day 2012; the rectangle at the bottom of the photo is the Big Stone that called me here and I followed a counter clockwise circle along the zigzag row from there. The larger circle is about where the Ceremonial native-made Mounds are located. The sharp edged smaller rectangle is that big pile of stones and the smaller circle is the pile with the one boulder sitting on it:

Damn, he’s good!

What else can be read into these photos, I wonder??

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