Thursday, December 09, 2010

Stone Row Turtles from Some Old Photos

Looking at an older notebook, a sketchpad actually, 
At the top of the page was this photo, rubber cement still holding it in place:
       It is a photograph of what I think of as "Turtle One," the first "can't be anything but a turtle petroform" I first photographed back in 1996. Three Archaeologists so far have claimed to see no possibility of human enhancement to the large four foot long boulder or any placement of any other stones as part of an effort to form a distinct resemblence to a Box Turtle.
It's a glacial erratic, of course...

March 23, 2020 update:
One of those Archaeologists later apologized to me for believing I was "totally bonkers" when I showed her this tûnuppasuonk kodtonquag - turtle effigy in stone (Nipmeuw). I told her it wasn't necessary, as we walked to our cars after her talk about Ceremonial Stone Landscapes entitled "Hidden in Plain Sight." The existence of stone turtles on a cultural landscape on Turtle Island doesn't preclude the fact that I may well be "totally bonkers."
As of this date two additional archaeologists have confirmed that it is indeed a turtle effigy.
A publication by one of them:

Shortly afterward, I photographed these down along the present day road that was originally an Indian Trail.
I don't know if these survived the road reconstruction of 2007.
I'll have to look when the stone starts melting...

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