Monday, November 30, 2009

35th Reunion Hike (Part One)

Robbie ponders the Mysteries and Legends of the Caves - or is it Legends and Mysteries?

The long weekend of ThanksGiving 2009 also just happened to be the chosen date for my old high school's 35th Class Reunion. Ed the Shred, captain of the Block Rock Dam Surfers Team back in our school days, flew in from the Great Northwest and needed some CT woods time, a break from that godforsaken high desert he desparately tries to eke a living out of (I once visited the nearby Warm Springs Indian Museum where I was told by a woman known as Gramma that Bigfoot bones are never found because UFO's pick up the dead bodies - but that's another story).

After a brief disscussion, we decided to head up to a bit of Mattatuck (No Trees in the local Quripi dialect) State Forest where we often camped out at various caves during the early seventies where the Shred once hid and could never find a bottle of whiskey that would now be over 35 years old. The locally famous Leatherman ( stayed in these caves giving them their modern name, but long before that this area was known as the Old Hunting Caves (Waking Up on Turtle Island: April 2007 - Waking Up on Turtle Island: April 2008)...

In the Possible Pissepunk (Sweat Lodge):

The First Turtle Find of the Day was incorporated into the stone work at the source of a nearby spring. The flat head
is not a common thing, but it occurs elsewhere:

Nearby Stones on Boulders:

Then some Hunter kicked us out, as if this were his state land, and not our state land, made for you and me. But he did have a gun...

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