Monday, April 16, 2007

Flood waters roar

(Left: Patterson Fish Weir
during the spring old tire migration as the tires head upstream to spawn, I imagine...)

As I walk to my dumpster, cleaning up the flooded basement, I hear the river loudly roar as I haven't hear it roar in a long time.

I wonder how much fishweir is dissappearing, what artifacts are headed downstream, and I sigh and go back to the house...

Nice image of “natural” v-shaped weir and the "fish camp" beside it. That fish camp side of the river I hear roaring is what is being eroded away by the today's flooding.

A PDF teaser, followed by a book that may soon be released:

Fishweirs by John Connaway provides an outline of the antiquity and use of fishweirs throughout the world, a more extensive overview of the use, distribution, and regulation of fishweirs in North America, and a detailed review of the fishweirs of Mississippi, both prehistoric and historic. Fishweirs is the most comprehensive and detailed compilation of information about the subject now available, and will serve as the foundation from which other works on the subject will report.
Release date: Spring 2007.

Testudinate weir stones (modern):

Fish weirs on another continent:

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