Friday, March 04, 2016

Around and Behind a Rhomboidal Stone

    In an old post:
 there were some photos of some stone features on some outcrops in an area associated with a story of "White Deer named from the numbers of white deer that made these rocks their hiding place, and found their way cautiously to the lake, to obtain water," as a local historian wrote in the mid-1800's.
     My paternal Grandmother who lived nearby always included in her version of the White Deer Legend that the Indians never hunted the White Deer who lived among these stony outcrops:
    My mother's twin Uncles, one of them once told me, often visited the Indian Fish Camp back around the early 1900's - and told that same version about the White Deer. They probably heard the story at the Fish Camp, on the road named after the White Deer from, from people who may have simply stated they were "Woodbury Indians," as did the man in the coffee shop telling me the story about how he camped there as a child with his Grandmother and other Indians.
    "But," I remember saying, "the history book I just read said there were no more Woodbury Indians since, like 200 years ago."
    "Well, I guess my Grandmother and them never read that book," he said in reply...

You could call it a small perched rhomboidal stone...
It's all a bit disturbed, but there is some stacking of stones going on around these outcrops...
I was sort of surprised, looking back at these photos, to see what looks like a large rhomboidal stone that didn't even register with me as I took a photo trying to capture a bit of structure off to the left side of it...
      Behind the smaller Perched Rhomboidal Stone, assuming that is the same rhomboidal from the back, there were some other features (if not, then it's "Around"): 

More structure higher up:

Other related places:

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