Saturday, October 31, 2015

Second Look at Stones on a Boulder

     As I returned to the spot and took a second look, I was surprised how close the boulders are to the Fish Camp Trail, a couple hundred feet perhaps. The stone row in the photo above is perpendicular to the Path and to the line of outcrop ridges that border the White Deer Rocks Woods, stones at the bases and “decorated” up the to and including the ridge tops as well.

      Taking a second look, I wondered, “Is it a split boulder?” It’s filled with stones at the “split end.” There’s another small circle of stones, possibly a hearth, and then the possible Quartz Quarry Boulder too, off the path so that the debitage doesn't cut the children's feet, but close enough to those stone  boundaries of interestingly made rows of stones, the trail to the east or the gateway into those White Deer Rocks Woods...  
      So, thinking about the White Deer and the White Projectile Points made of White Quartz, Ceremony and Tobacco Sacrifice before a hunt and all, I should have been looking for a “Deer Head Stone,” right?
   Well actually, I only thought of it afterwards as I downloaded the images from the camera. My attention at the time was captured by the “scooped out” sort of depression on a certain stone, “scooped out” being a phrase that comes to me from the Yurok and neighboring Indigenous Peoples when talking about someone making a variety of different mortar boulders or “medicine baskets.”
(I should have been reminded of the Deer Stones that I pasted below this image above, the second from the left located on an outcrop along White Deer Rocks Road )
    The first “Stones on a Boulder” feature that I ever felt reasonably certain was an Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Feature was a Bear’s Head and an associated Fire Starting Base Stone, both with a feature maybe natural, maybe purposefully modified to accommodate a shell full of tobacco or “Kinnickinnick.” -

     So, I just happened to have a clam shell in my pocket:
It fit nicely in the depression when turned like this. Perhaps some tinder was placed above it, intended to be brushed into the shell, perhaps just roll down into it…
(Above: Small pecked eyes of a deer?)
Interesting stone nestled into the split beside the possible deer head stone:

Bird-like, perhaps? 
Another interesting stone above it:
 And then there's this:
And this:

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