Saturday, March 12, 2016

Is that a Serpent-like Wall?

     Another White Eyed Serpent??

     Imagine I just happen to be driving by and see that some land clearing is going on and some stone wall work is about to take place. I’m your nosy neighbor and I stop to talk to the guy on the Cat, who tells me: “This home in W_____, MA had a host of issues that were making the front yard unsightly and unusable. One of the major issues was a 140′ field stone retaining wall that ran along the front of the yard.   Built poorly the first time, this stone wall was collapsing in several places, and the hillside above it was overgrown.”

      So while I’m puzzling about the rhomboidal stone that has been placed in there and looking for other things that might be cultural clues, the other stonewall on the hillside above that retaining wall catches my eye:
That rather serpentine, low row of stones behind that big triangular boulder, with that rather round chunk of white quartz in it is the one I’m talking about…
      I’m not really doing any of this, I’m just looking at some photos I happened to find online here:
      I’m really maybe a hundred miles away, looking at a computer screen but I’m thinking maybe this might be a segment of stone wall that I conjecture to be Indigenous in origin.
      I’m thinking about another possible White Eyed Great Serpent Petroform:
And this too:

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