Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Similar Serpenty Stones at the Steps

I have to admit that I didn't notice these similarities until the day before yesterday.
Then again, I've been walking up and down these stone steps for close to forty years without any thought that they may have been anything more than just some stone steps.
You've seen the one on the right before, - photos taken in different light conditions, different seasons, over the last year or so that I first began to speculate that the stone may have been purposely humanly enhanced to resemble a snake or perhaps even a legendary Indigenous Serpent. 
Imagine my surprise when I realized that a stone on the opposite side of that first snake or Serpent, in the course of stone beneath the cap stone, is very similar in shape albeit larger, roughly twice the height of the other - and I just went out to measure, so I can tell you that the one on the left is about 10 inches shorter in length. Both stones are the same width, both have that same curve "dressed" into them, as the stone mason's say, and they both appear to take a "strong look" (as the "Strong Looker" or Uktena does in order to know your intentions) at the person about to put his or her foot on that first step. Note those blobs of mortar on the stone to the left - do you suppose the mortar fills too similar markings, one sort of eye-like and the other that might possibly be the "pit" that identifies poisonous snakes (pit vipers)????
These are taken at different times of day, so that the sun and shadow reveal what must surely be the purposeful shaping of the stones (as well as placement) rather than a random coincidence:

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