Friday, March 25, 2016


    Kaistowanea (Haudenausonee); Ka-is-to-wan-ea, the small two headed brightly colored serpent, “whose skin had beautiful colors with gold and silver stripes down its back.” The Serpent “when caressed…would wave its beautiful heads to express its gratitude.” Ka-is-to-wan-ea grew rapidly, became so large that “it rested on the beam of the lodge.” The Ka-is-to-wan-ea, so beautiful and graceful in its youth, soon grew to be a ravenous monster, and having grown so large that the lodge could contain it no longer, wandered to a cave (or stone sweat lodge?) under the mountain.

     Becoming even larger “the monster had circled the hill and lay with its double jaws extended before the gate. Some attempted to pass out, but were driven back…
and one line “gold and silver” from: Two-Headed Serpent Prophecy of the Haudenausonee “Kwe Kwe” As Told by Stuart Myiow of the Mohawk Traditional Council of Kahnewake

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