Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Outcrop and Row of Stones Madison CT

     The stones caught my eye as I turned onto the road with the familiar name, on my way to my Dad's Birthday Celebration that just happens to be my parents' wedding anniversary, bundled up with St. Patrick's Day since my green eyed dad was born on March 17th.
It was that rhomboidal stone in a certain segment that sort of stood out, got my attention:  

I often mention the placement of stones so that an eye or eyes suggests the head of an animal or human-like being is a likely indicator of Indigenous Stonework. Perhaps these two stones to the right of the rhomboidal are a representation of an animal of some sort:

Another segment, another rhomboidal:
Another "head stone," perhaps Testudinate or turtle-like below it:
I passed by this small Manitou-like stone and paused:

The row of stones leads to...  
...a flat topped outcrop:

Another small Manitou-like stone placement on the top of the stack:

(Updating in 2/2018, this row of stones - as a Great Serpent:)

Perhaps this possible turtle (and all the others) deserves its own post:

Whole set of photos here:

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