Friday, May 24, 2013

"Sites" and "Features"

"Sites" sometimes seems a silly word. The whole River System is the "site" of Native People, the homeland of a "tribe" or "tribes," each Village name assumed to be the name of a "tribe" around where I live. Nonnewaug, Pomperauge, Pootatuck - place names along the Great River that wears the name given to it by other Native People, translated as "the river over the mountains."

"To call a several-kilometer-long linear array of occupations spanning three millennia a single “site” begs the question of what we are defining as the unit of analysis." - CHRONOLOGY AND EVOLUTION OF THE GREEN POINT FLOOD PLAIN AND ASSOCIATED CUCURBITA PEPO
by William A. Lovis and G. William Monaghan (pg 148) -

"Features" may be a better one and I suppose that's what I'm seeing as I wander, one stone row leading to another and another, connections broken by modern towns and cities, stones taken away to be used elsewhere, bulldozed aside to build and rebuild Indian Trails that became modern roads. Should I call a stone row a "site" or a "feature?" 

Wondering (and Wondering):

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