Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perched Boulders

This image reminded me of something that might be found on http://secretlandscapes.blogspot.com/
maybe a drawing of some stone rows and a few signifigant boulders, one of them perched at a high spot.
But then I read: "One of my favorite places to hike and on this beautiful day we hiked the Glen Ellis Trail to the Glen Boulder. Precariously perched, this huge boulder was pushed by the glaciers and landed in this spot never to move again."

Never to be moved again? How about this one:
State Moves 7-10 Ton Boulder Perched Above Homes
A 7 to 10-ton boulder that was precariously perched above several homes in Niu Valley was successfully moved away from the edge of the ridge and secured -
Read more - hawaii.gov/dlnr/chair/pio/nr/2011/NR10-291.pdf
Historic Graffitti at Balance Rock near Pittsfield MA:
Modern updated tagging:

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