Wednesday, May 01, 2013

001 loose turtle island

    It just happens.
   Sometimes when downloading from the camera to the PC, the photos go to places you didn't intend them to go to, as if the computer felt like being a prankster. Or sometimes there simply were other photos on the camera, along with all those "rocks," and you didn't remember and you called the folder or set of photos "one week before memorial day" or "just some more falls summer pix " rather that the location of that stone (or the name you might have given the site or any sort of clue as to just where you were) that you just had to photograph, causing you to wonder "Where the ____ is that? Has somebody else been using the camera to take pictures of rocks? Have I convinced another family member that I'm not crazy?"
   That's how I ended up with a folder in my pictures on the computer that is labelled "001 loose turtle island."
Sometimes you get lucky and there is no doubt - "the universe sends you a sign," as they say:
(Sometimes two:)

Other times it takes a while before you remember this nice zigzag row is behind What's-his-name's House:
(It helps if the next photo contains a blurry image of What's-his-name's House:)

I am sure that when I captured this wonderful image below, my reading glasses were in a nice safe place miles away from where I was and the stone heap in the distance was in focus, as was the faint zigzag row behind the cobbles on the boulder:
I have a whole series of really interesting stone pile repeated patterns, design elements, ceremonial signatures of the Native American Cultural Landscape if you will, but the only in focus photo I got was this:
I may go back there - after I recall where it might be...
Sometimes I get all "Artsy:"
And then I cross the field I've crossed a half a million times (head down, looking carefully, walking slowly, never finding anything that even vaguely resembles an arrowhead once I bend down to pick it up)  and stop a little while to look at this low outcrop I've looked at a half a million times.
 I remember saying to whoever was with me, "Hey! A Medicine Bowlder!" and then try to remember just who was with me...
...and the next photo tells me just who was with me, 
just who I was talking to,
just who was agreeing with everything I was saying, 
"one week before memorial day:"

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