Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples by Dr. Lucianne Lavin

Dr. Lucianne Lavin at the Institute of American Indian Studies in Washington, Conn. Photograph by Kathryn Boughton/The Litchfield County Times.
"Native Americans have long been seen as having been at one with their landscapes, honoring the earth and its creatures and leaving only the soft imprints of their moccasins to mark their passing. This impression verges on the truth, but thanks to the work of dedicated scientists such as archaeologist Dr. Lucianne Lavin, director of research and collections at the Institute of American Indian Studies in Washington, Conn., a much fuller picture of the lives of pre-European contact Native Americans in Connecticut is now available.

Dr. Lavin recently published “Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples: What Archaeology, History and Oral Traditions Teach Us About Their Communities and Cultures” (Yale University Press/$45), the first book in more than 20 years to explore more than 10,000 years of pre-European history in Connecticut..."  
Another plate from the book, showing a "turtle mortar" site in Torrington

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Color photo of that "turtle mortar:" 

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