Monday, May 06, 2013

Anyone but Indians? Everyone but Indians?

(Writing the next day, I'll update this by saying,) I usually don't edit my posts. Sometimes I'll correct my spelling or see where I've left out a word or something, but this post and this edit or update is different. As I looked at more and more pages of the website mentioned below, I grew angrier and angrier, as the bigotry became more and more apparent. Alejandro Vega Ossorio has collected together a bunch of nonsense and seems to be embracing ideals of white supremacy.
There is nothing Humorous about any of it. 

I’ll put my tongue in my cheek, as they say, and I’ll tell you how I was convinced that Everything I Know is Wrong about so called Indian Civilizations of both North and South America. I came upon a chance post on Face Book that showed some petroglyphs of ancient astronauts and when I expressed my skepticism of Ancient Astronauts (“It was just a matter of time, wasn't it? What's the name of your book/dvd?), I was referred to this interesting website:
Please note: Google Chrome translated the Spanish into English for me – perhaps there are errors of translation, but I’m pretty sure that I now know that “Civilization with a Capital C” was brought to the Western Hemisphere by
a.)    Anyone but Indians
b.)    Everyone but Indians
c.)     A. & B.

Above: Whiskers White and Blonde Hair undergoing (???)an Amerindian woman who is tied. Huaco Mochica Culture in Peru.

More than 1800 years later, around 600 AD, comienzon raidsIrish Celts over North America, who left the memory of the First Quetzalcoatl: the ascetic.These raids Celts who reached their peak with the arrival of the Celts Welsh Prince Madoc to the 1170 off the coast of USA.

And, new to the site, "Martian Archeology:"

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  1. The bigotry represented on the website I find repulsive.