Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Toes and Claws

A cat, some mounds, some snapping turtles - with similar shapes, like a low backed shell with a diagonal quartz line on it, a sharp 3-toed right forefoot, blunt slightly larger left foot - on the two snappers, I mean, not the cat or mounds...

The second snapper:

The right foot:

The left is larger and is blunt, just as on the other:

Head with eyes, foreleg with toes, part of a larger mound of stones...


I've poked around a little around the base of a mortar or two looking for the pestle stone, removed brush and leaves, but have never done any digging - for many reasons, all of them good. These mounds were excavated/exposed by chickens scratching and pecking on and around them about 20 years ago...

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