Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rockshelter Springs

Stone worked springs below a rockshelter site...

Stone rows:

At some time or other, I recall seeing a spring up in that area of evergreens at the top of the photo that hides much stone work and many possible rockshelter sites. Roadwork by the State of CT in 2007 has changed things around - there's no stones, no spring apparent below this big stone where I remember the water used to trickle out...
..above this big stone - on top of it and to the side of it - there is a zigzag row of stones at the latter and a rock pile I never noticed before on the former. And I promise to go back and actually photograph the cleaned of a little after photos...

Below the Culvert(s):

Stone Pile & Zigzag to Stone Pile:

Zigzag to Serpentine:

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