Friday, November 27, 2009

Turtles in the Round Mounds

Up by my old chicken coop, more and more turtles continue to "come into focus." This is along a stone row that looks linear at first (up where it meets a zigzag row that contains a mortar stone - veryclose to a large, sort of "free-standing" box turtle sculpture or petroform), that then sort of zigzags, that then turns into several circular mound-like stone piles that I could never figure out before a day or two ago. I've been experiencing Advanced Turtle Vision after noticing the same old as well as new turtle shapes incorporated into stone rows all over the place, causing a shift in my vision and my thoughts. Many a row I dissmissed as more likely being an historic fence, I now see as Native made because of those turtles coming into focus...

Close Up - Centered on Carapace Stone:

(That's my foot, lower left)

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