Sunday, November 01, 2009

Could it be...

William Cothren, in the History of Ancient Woodbury (pg. 880), writes:
"But by far the most curious and interesting relic that has been found in the ancient territory, is also in the writer's possession. It is no less than an Indian idol or charm, artistically cut from a piece of rock, which appears to have been originally a piece of petrified walnut wood. It was found in 1860, on the lot near F. M . Minor's, before mentioned as the place where the most perfect specimens have been found. It was discovered while hoeing corn. It evidently represents some animal, but it is difficult to divine what. It has a pretty well formed head and body, with large, round ears, and holes for the insertion of four legs, but the latter are missing. It looks as much like the representative of an enormous lizard, as any thing. It can hardly represent the Good Spirit. It is not of a sufficiently attractive conception for that. It may, therefore, be presumed to be the likeness of Hobbamocko, or their Spirit of Evil, whom they feared, and worshipped more assiduously than the Good Spirit, whom they supposed lived quite at his ease, caring little for the actions or affairs of his red children, after having given them their corn, beans and squash, and taught them the mode of their cultivation. Some of these relics our artist has endeavored to make plain to the "mind's eye."

I wonder: "Could it be a "Foot Snake" or "Horned Serpent?"

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