Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Squiggles

Boulder just above the zigzag...

Photos from along an old "fence line."
The squiggles to the left are that old fence line - presently a property line between a cornfield and an Open Space Preserve...

Sermons in Stone: The Stone Walls of New England and New York‎ - Page 43Susan Allport - Architecture - 1994 - 208 pages

"But a farmer would have put up a worm fence around his field and would have tossed stones against that fence... the original wooden fence would rot and he or his son, or perhaps grandson, would be left with a chimera of a fence, a pile of rocks with the backbone of a zig-zag fence but with flesh of stone..."

Quartz in the center of a circle?
I kept getting this impression that there were rockpiles on the stone row,
circles of stone every so often, between some rather
groupings of stones... I brushed away some leaves and sticks,
and find this stone sits on a stone that is broken in half...

Nuchal Scute???

Turtle Head???

End Stone

Another row, another stone catches my eye...

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