Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Small Name Change for a Small Boulder

I was going to go look for a tree I thought had fallen
 I couldn't spot it from a distance
 from any of many different distances
a lone hemlock at the entrance to the Heart of the Village
and I just had to go look and see... 
I walk by that that pile of Thunderbird egg-colored stones
I'm not sure is old or new or both or what
I'd walked the old glacial lake shore
Along a screen of invasives hiding the row of stones
That also points to the lone hemlock, the Heart
and I just had to go look and see... 

I look to the left as I near the stones,
and see that small "bowlder" I can never quite capture a good photo of
and of course I try again
and I'm not succeeding... 
And I remember this as "the small bowlder with feet,"
and I'm usually walking south along this row,
but today I see this stone from a different, the opposite, direction
and I see something new
and I change it's name to
The Small Turtle Bowlder with Feet 

I glance back at the Egg Pile
There's another small bowlder there

I turn back to the Turtle Bowlder,
ready to count feet, I suppose...
Maybe to wonder,
Who forgot to put the mano back in place?
What was he or she grinding
and would there be a trace of it below that stone?
I can answer that one quickly:
I don't know
(and I don't put it back where I think it goes,
leave it as I found it...) 

(These are photos from a few years ago below:)
(Another bowlder just a little southward along the row:) 
I walked on
Got to the Heart of the Village
And that tree was still there;
It's just not doing well
And this other old tree lost another branch
But it's still standing

I walked on to other places,
listening to stones telling me stories...

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