Saturday, November 22, 2014

Other side of the Tail (Part Two)

I've shown the massive sort of retaining wall above the brook; the large and tall section abruptly changes to a low row of stones covered in leaves debris:
There's a small gap at one point, between a triangular boulder that suggests a possible serpent head.

(Below: possible workstation?) 
The ground underfoot was partially frozen and very wet along the stream that flows north and west into the Cranberry Swamp and Pond - a name that suggests a resource zone important to Indigenous Peoples and a reminder to myself that at this point I understand very little about how Cranberry Bogs are/were managed by humans modernly and in the past.
I headed for higher ground above the modern trail where some rows of stones almost touch each other, another gap or gateway by a very old (oak?) tree:

(The sun was setting at this point, the photos I took were not the best, with a few exceptions, such as this one that is not half bad:
This reminds me of some of Peter W's photos of possible effigies on large cobbles or small boulders:
Interesting high point, a sort of "wave" in the row:
Interesting stone, one of many, the others too blurry to post:
Intersecting E/W row:
Can't resist posting this detail of boulder surrounded by cobbles:
A Quartzy Rhomboidal on the row:
Another Rhomboidal, below a zoomorphic stone that suggests something with an open mouth:
Another Intersection:
(The photo below prompted someone viewing this photo elsewhere to comment, "OooOOooOO!" - and another person to remark on the similarity to the rows of her property - in West Virginia.)
A Saturday morning with a couple little monsters that call me Grandpa is breaking, so I'll continue this in another post...

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