Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Exit Poll

(Are there signs of Indigenous Cultural Symbolism in the Rows of Stones behind the place I vote?)
The bing image above is out of date - the building was finished long ago. I've voted here a few times - as many times as they let me, too...
After I voted, I strolled along a few of the numerous rows of stones behind the town hall and library that lead into the rocky cliffs of Orenaug Park...
This colorful quartzite rhomboidal stood out:
This was an interesting stone...
Vague possibilities: 
And then there's this:

     The way the light hit these rows brought out some of the details of some of these stones above. I interpret a turtle head with enhancement below the nuchal notch of a shell, two possible zoomorphic head stones, perhaps deer, and maybe that reddish stone with the cup marks could be a possible bird...

(The light wasn't right for a good photo close up of that stone on the right - maybe next election.)

Above: Snapping turtle?
Below: turtle with retracted head? 

There's probably much more to be seen, as you follow the rows of stones up into the rocky cliffs of the Park, property once purchased by the Historian Cothren apparently specifically to create a park.
It's really quite beautiful...

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