Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stone row in a swamp covered with snow in a flood

It's flooding here today in Western CT. This is the corn field across from my driveway, the river in the distance, a stream (that begins at the rock shelter where it is still zigzag stone bordered) overflowing the ditch of today (or the last couple hundred years or so).

There's a swamp, on Swamp Road oddly enough, 3/4 miles away, to the south, where there's remnants of a Y-shaped stone row, interuppted by a state highway.

That swamp flooded today and it looks sort of interesting, snow covered and sticking up out of the water.

It would make a good panorama, but I can't get that function on the new version of my camera program aafter a crash a while back.

Peter you have my permission to copy and stitch them together for Rock Piles if you like - I might just steal them back in pano-form if you are moved to do so...

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