Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Park Road

With just under a half hour in which to walk ( required by the "Walk or Die Exercise Program" I've created), I parked over by the entrance to Leatherman Cave, another old favorite of a place of mine. Look up the Leatherman at: or Google it (on the web or in images) and it will tell you a little bit about him, as well as showing many pictures of "Crane's Look Out," a but not the LM's Cave. There's a little bit about the area atthis blog:, where I mention it's older name "The Old Hunting Caves." My intention was to photograph some rock piles and a stone worked spring below them, about 200 feet from the True Leatherman's Cave, but it was muddy and I wouldn't have enough time.

So I just walked up the road, which just happens to be called "Park Road."

It's near a State Park but I think the name predates the Park created in 1926:
"Leadmine" in Thomaston is the graphite place. Black Rock used to be covered in Black Lichens and that's where the name really came from.

I found my only quartz arrowhead on a trail here, and witnessed a nice guy named John dig up some Woodland Pottery Shards outof a fire pit right in front of the LM Cave, back tracking to the spot he "had a feeling about."

I didn't think about it until I was leaving and looked at the street sign, wondering if again here's another example of a Deer Park adopted by colonists using an ancient Indian land use scheme.

None of these photos are that great ( You can barely make out the zigzag row at the top center of the photo) but there below the road were stone rows and springs and rock piles I never noticed before...

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