Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Perspective (Again)

As happens more often than I can keep up with in writing, when I get my daily fix at Rock Piles, that Peter is looking at or thinking about something very similar to what I'm looking at or thinking about too.

I tend to look at things from different perspectives from time to time in many aspects of my life and especially when revisiting sites that I've come across - or neglected to look at very closely sometimes, this spot for example. The photo is taken standing under the older power lines of the 1930's. That day I just happened to notice the big stone on the left:

I got a little closer:

I remember spotting more stones and eventually saw in the snowy perspective how evenly spaced they were from each other, placed on an angle to the contour of the land, perhaps you could say like diagonal lines on the hillside. I took this picture looking back toward a linear row...

And I found I didn't have a wide enough field of view with my camera to capture the "grid-like" stones, but now that I see Peter's photo, I'll try again when more snow falls and conditions are similar (I hope).

Did I just say "I hope it snows"??

(This is the linear row:)

From the air and the topographic map of 1955, the older power lines only...

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