Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Heap of Stones

Another old engraving of another "Heap of Stones" from another old history...

A History of Connecticut
By Elias Benjamin Sanford

"The common tradition has been, that, having taken the captive chief back to the spot where he had been seized as a prisoner, the brother of Uucas, who was marching behind Miantonomo, with a single blow of his hatchet killed him. In the same spot, still known as " Sachem's Plain," he was buried. An immense heap of stones long marked the grave, placed there by the hands of his tribe, who visited it at each anniversary of the death of their chief, and with loud lamentations expressed their grief.
Some years ago a block of granite, inscribed with his name and the year of his death, was placed over the grave of the brave and gifted Narragaiisett chief..."

Page 46/47 HISTORY OF CONNECTICUT. [1643.,M1

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